Milpa Alta Mexico June 22 – 27, 2015

The 17 students from this community worked very hard, and finally decided to exhibit 2 larger 8 x 10 prints on the final day.  One photo from working in the theme of “Agua es Vida” along with a written reflection of that photo, and one photo of their choice, something that they liked from what they had shot!

1. Hiroshi

1.Hiroshi_065 copy


1.Hiroshi_120 copy

2. Sofia

2.Sofia_014 copy


2.Sofia_080 copy

3. Daniel

3.Daniel_016.copy 3.Daniel_211 copy

4. Esther

4.Esther_094 copy 4.Esther_106 copy

5. Ada

5.Ada_089 copy 5.Ada_096 copy

6. Abril

6.Abril_017 copy

6.Abril_050 copy

7. Sophia

7.Sophia_007 copy 7.Sophia_036 copy

8. Astrid

8.Astrid_063 copy 8.Astrid_110 copy

9. Yoshua

9.Yoshua_135 copy

9.Yoshua_158 copy

10. Luis

10.Luis_087.copy 10.Luis_122204 copy

11. Esme

11.Esme_020 copy 11.Esme_093 copy

12. Faby

12.Faby_042 copy 12.Faby_066 copy

13. Gerardo


13.Gerardo_068 copy

14. Alma

14.Alma-Rosa_088 copy 14.Alma-Rosa_093 copy

15. Leticia

15.Leticia_076 copy 15.Leticia_079 copy

16. Edardo

16.Edardo_009 copy

17. Andrés

16.Edardo_016 copy 17.Andrés_112.copy 17.Andrés_116.copy

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