This was our largest group of students yet, we didn’t have the heart to turn any away so some students shared cameras, all in all there were over 20 students!  A very enthusiastic lot, and my favorites were the youngest, 6 and the oldest 72!  They were hungry for photos so we printed 10 of each students best and they chose 2 from the theme “Agua es Vida” (Water is Life) and 2 that they liked!  Here are some of their images!


1.Natalia096 2. Tenoch_307 2. Tenoch_308 3.Julio_312 3.Julio_313 4.Maria_152 4.Maria317 5.Carlos_321 5.Carlos_323 6.Julia_026 7.Josefa_053 7.Josefa_100 8.Sofia_035 8.Sofia_079 9.Marthe_005 DSCN0062 10.Conrado_045 10.Conrado_046 11.Celsa_022 11.Celsa_341 12.Paulina_017 12.Paulina_033 13.Damián_348 13.Damián_349 15.Cristian_354 15.Cristian_356 16.Alejandro_360 camera16006 17.Leticia y Hector_0011 17.Leticia y Hector_0018 18.Rosalba_365 19.Angel_003 19.Angel_005 20.Ignacio_029 20.Ignacio_382