San Fransisco Xochimilco June 15 -20, 2015

This was our largest group of students yet, we didn’t have the heart to turn any away so some students shared cameras, all in all there were over 20 students!  A very enthusiastic lot, and my favorites were the youngest, 6 and the oldest 72!  They were hungry for photos so we printed 10 of each students best and they chose 2 from the theme “Agua es Vida” (Water is Life) and 2 that they liked!  Here are some of their images!


1.Natalia096 2. Tenoch_307 2. Tenoch_308 3.Julio_312 3.Julio_313 4.Maria_152 4.Maria317 5.Carlos_321 5.Carlos_323 6.Julia_026 7.Josefa_053 7.Josefa_100 8.Sofia_035 8.Sofia_079 9.Marthe_005 DSCN0062 10.Conrado_045 10.Conrado_046 11.Celsa_022 11.Celsa_341 12.Paulina_017 12.Paulina_033 13.Damián_348 13.Damián_349 15.Cristian_354 15.Cristian_356 16.Alejandro_360 camera16006 17.Leticia y Hector_0011 17.Leticia y Hector_0018 18.Rosalba_365 19.Angel_003 19.Angel_005 20.Ignacio_029 20.Ignacio_382

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