It has been a while since I have blogged or
posted. Partly because of a nasty flu right after our event in April, partly because my other work as a set still photographer has kept me busy, and also because of a little but of burnout! I think it is important to say that we all need breaks from certain things that are demanding of us, sometimes the most important thing is to do nothing at all! Oh, and also, I am moving!

But last night felt like I was getting back, returning to business as normal, resurfacing for that breath of fresh air! A great night with my C4C”wing-girls” Thea Grivakes and Gillian Harrow! First, a meet and greet with some amazing folks from The Compassionate Eye Foundation, Robert Brown , Susan McDonald, Rob Daley and Sue Dick! Then on to Dignity Vancouver 2012, an event in support of The Acumen Fund for Global Poverty, at Vancouver Urban Winery.

Getting back into the swing of Cameras4Change business confirmed that
It is easy to become overwhelmed in our world, and reminds me of people I have met working in field, very much over whelmed by the extreme poverty and life issues they have to face every day. It can mask any bit of joy or hope inside of you. It takes alot of effort to rise through that. The images and photos up for auction last night were a testament to lives living this way, very powerful and truthfully beautiful! It gives me hope to know so many of us want to see transformation, and that photography truly has the capacity to assist in change!


I need to believe that I am in the perfect place right now, for where ever it is I am meant to be going.  Sometimes that can be a hard pill to take, but I take respite in this meditation whenever I feel the frustration of where I am at, especially if things are not moving fast enough for me – which is…always!

I have been working away at organizing Cameras 4 Change in a succinct, patient and organized way, so that when it does finally come together it will be solid.  It is taking some time, but I am learning so much along the way, and things are unfolding perfectly.

As I have kept this thought in my mind so much of late, I have also wondered how it relates to those that are struggling, both in my world and the many people that I have met in Kenya, Haiti etc.  Their lives are so vastly different, some unimaginably so, and it makes me wonder how that could be the perfect place.  This is a philosophical question and I am not exactly an expert, but still, here it is.  I guess my place in all of this becomes simple, to accept where I am, and know that I can make a difference in all of it.  It may only be a small difference, like that of one ant.  It seems to me it is the consistency of the heart that matters, and the continuation of belief that will resonate with life and others to fuel the change that needs to happen.  There, I think that is a good answer!


1.  The Perfect Place to talk on your cell phone!  Rural Coastal Kenya

2. I never had difficulty finding the perfect place in India, here morning prayers at DHAN Foundation, or…

3. Meeting Women doing laundry at The Lotus Pond!

Cameras 4 Change’s David Kiwanuka partners on a project in Uganda!!!


youth in Kampala show thier enthusiasm for working wtih video cameras

This is the first post from David, our videographer, as he shares his first hand experiences freshly returned from Uganda!
Cameras 4 Change is so excited to share his story!

I know its been quite a while and I had promised to keep you updated as the cameras where heading down to Uganda. For sure it was a great experience and I was moved by the power of these images from the jungles as you will see for yourself. 
I was working with an organization called Sawa World which believes that within each particular community with challenges, there are extra ordinary people that have actually found solutions to these challenges, and are helpful to their community in that way. So Sawa World enables youth within the same community to document and share these solutions with other communities both locally and internationally. Citizen Journalism is something that we support at Cameras 4 Change.  Believe it or not, sharing of this knowledge on a grass-root  level has been such a magnificent component to replication of these solutions in other communities.

As the film specialist, who was supposed to pass on my skills to the selected youth, on how to make documentaries and use the power of the lens to tell the stories, I was so moved with how passionate they were, eager for knowledge and hungry for experience. These boys and girls were so smart and so dedicated to the 5 week program which was so intense. We identified 3 extra-ordinary leaders from different communities that we managed to make documentaries about, and by the end of the program, although exhausted, the knowledge at our disposal was enormous. The places we had been to had broken down and mended us, the stories we found touched our hearts and I could see what nature and humanity is all about. These were youth from communities that had challenges, but on visiting other more challenged communities, they were touched, concerned and hoped for a change in these communities. I could go on & on about these experiences but I believe a picture has more words than I can write. See for your self and more will be on the way direct from the now trained youth. 

a Beautiful Panoramic shot of Kampala


David Kiwanuka (3rd from left) with his team in Kampala




1.  Working in Haiti with a group of youth teaching camera skills and bringing out so much more!

2.  A few of the girls checking out their work at the street exhibit in Petite Riviere, working with the girls in this group broadened  their perspectives about life.  Initially they all spoke of being only nurses or teachers, but holding a camera gave them other ideas too!

3. When girls that come from extreme poverty are educated, they make significantly better choices about money, family and education than do their male counterparts.  Women are part of the solution to a global shift in Social Change, so please support programs that educate girls!!!



Lately things have been stunningly quiet which can be a little disconcerting.  Especially when you feel like you have had months of being ON FIYAH!  In the big picture context however, this is a sure bet that you are cooking something up, ideas, connections, stuff on the backburner etc; it will all come forth, just have to keep on believing you are on the right path.


As many of you who have been following my blogs know, I have at times written about Cameras 4 Change, it is kind of my baby, and it is still in it’s gestation period, not quite a new born yet, still forming itself.  There is going to be more to come before we really kick it off, having said that, we know a few things about it. 


       it is born of my experience working with photography, creative writing, and social media as a means to

       connect people with the world to bring on social change.

       I got the idea after working in Haiti teaching a youth education program using cameras teaching teens and loved how it instilled so much more in them, like confidence, leadership, creativity, possibility, passion and hope!


Last night I had a dream that I was back in Africa, working with youth in a small community doing art-work inspired by photos they had taken.  The results were beautiful in my dream.  Now I want it to become an even bigger reality.  It is starting to feel tangible, especially as I realize how much has formed with Cameras4Change over the past year since I returned from Haiti.


       I now have a dedicated webpage and FaceBook Page for Cameras4Change

       There are 4 people involved – IT’S NOT JUST ME!!!!  you will meet them all soon!

       We are getting interest from the outside world, which is ENCOURAGING!!!

       Recently I got help in formulating the first draft of a MISSION STATEMENT – we will be reworking it at a second meeting coming up soon, it’s fantastic to be building from this!!!



In the meantime, I am continuing to work with Project X Impact on creating sustainable change to issues around FGM, Child Marriage, and the girl child in Kenya, as well as continuing themes around the World Water Crisis and Gender.  Please consider helping support the girls we have been working with for their education, even small amounts add up to make a huge difference. 


Go to the donation link at Project X Impact to become part of something greater than yourself.  Effecting Social Change is a challenge, poverty is a door, education is a key, and women are part of the solution.


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it”  Buddha