Home is Where athe Heart Is

This is El Hulk, I met him last week in Hueyapan Morelos. An unlikely custodian of human faith, but his calm certainty as to the activity in this home helped to ground me. Hulk is lying in The morning sun, not unusual, but the cement pad he is lying on was once surrounded by four walls and had a roof. Only 4 days prior to this photo it was a family home and had been for years. unfortunately thousands of homes were lost in the September earthquakes. This week I will be visiting other areas in Chiapas and Oaxaca to see firsthand The situations There. I have been impressed with the resiliancy of those affected and the civil Response. Me encanta Mexico.

PS thankyou to Hertz Mexico For assisting with Transportation on My Part of The trip!



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Human Spirit Is Alive and Well – Hueyapan Morelos

The above image Is a photo of Ernestina Espinoza Gonzales, 60 of Hueyapan Morelos. After sharing a ride to her Home Where She chatted happily we were stunned to find It had completely collapsed, She had no home and yet the following morning arrived with fresh hot tortillas in thanks for the food and blankets we had distributed to her and her neighbors. Only through photos and vídeos have we been able to process And share the reality of this.

The past week has been momentous here in Mexico. After the 7.1 earthquake here in Mexico City I collected vídeos and photographs of the effects. Collapsed buildings, people trapped, rescuers, trauma and more. Photographing and recording kept me moving through the night, this was the beginning. As the week moved forward the reality and brevity of the situation became more apparent and the realization of the devastation in Morelos was close to Home asa Good Friends Family lost the entire home. A Group of 35 Volunteers From 4 different organizations came together in Hueyapan Morelos where approximately 60 percent of the structures were lost and damamged. I spent the weekend documenting and assessing the state to create a plan to Support the rebuilding process. The amazing Spirit of the people that Live There was repeated Over and Over again. These people were akready moving forward on their own, doing what they could when they could. Tyr appreciation on their faces and written in Signs Everywhere thanking Volunteers for Support. Please consider becoming part of this process, funds go towards Building material as this part of Mexico knows how to build their own Homes, they only need materials.

$25 buys a piece of corrugated metal for a roof.
$125-200 builds a roof for a family

Two ways to donate, directly to the Mexican Charity I am aligned with, or in Canada to Cameras4Change