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We have some pretty special people that wanted to be a part of this!  Take a look…



Cate Cameron is a Humanitarian photographer and an IATSE set still photographer.  She has collaborated with an array of Not-For-Profits, Charities, Non-Government-Organizations and Corporations for their Social Good Campaigns, covering a variety of issues encompassing Women, Water, HIV/AIDs, Education, Sanitation FGM and other Gender based Issues. While working in Haiti running a youth education program utilizing cameras, the idea for Cameras4Change was born.  Since it’s inception, Cate has also been the lead program developer at C4C and has also collaborated to assist in developing similar style programs and workshops to create arts based curriculum that meets the individual needs and goals of other organizations.



Thea Grivakes has been working in varied production roles for over 15 years. She began her career focusing on event production with exciting projects such as the Pierre Trudeau Book Launch, Swatch Bordercross World Tour, NBC Gravity Games and TED Conferences.  In the past 5 years Thea has transferred her varied producing experience to the film industry an operates the independent production company a blue car films.

Kathryne Racich is a compassionate proactive creative visionary, social entrepreneur, writer, developer, connector, facilitator, counselor, coach and artist, with a dynamic background in Intercultural Conflict Management, Psychology, Sociology, International Development, Media and Communications, Filmmaking, Photography, Counseling, Coaching, Trauma and Grief. Also, she has over 15 years of complementary local and international community peace and relationship building endeavors through research, strategic planning, program and content development, various creative advocacy initiatives and front-line work. Over the last 10 years, Kathryne has specifically focused on communication, conflict resolution, trauma and grief, because she is passionate about creating powerful programming that supports individuals through difficult life transitions, affects deep lasting change, and builds stronger more connected local and global communities through creativity, knowledge and understanding. Alongside C4C, Kathryne is a board member Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR), and member of the BC Bereavement Helpline (BCBH). 


Maxine Bulloch is a Project Manager and Photographer and is an advocate for people getting connected to what’s important to them in their life and how they can achieve it. With a passion for social impact and innovation, Maxine has worked on projects such as the FLIGHT refugee photography project and TEDx, and has done photography for charities, non-profits, educational online platforms and events both in the UK and Canada. A lover of innovation, travel, culture and learning, Maxine encourages collaboration and creativity wherever possible, with the aim of having communities be more understanding, connected and empowered.



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